The arrival of Titans on DC Universe means the long-awaited debut of Dick Grayson, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and more as a team in live-action. These are heroes with long histories on the pages of DC Comics and a couple of animated adaptations, but the live-action series is a big deal for fans. Fortunately, the stars bringing these heroes to life recently chatted with CinemaBlend on the Titans premiere red carpet and dropped some details about what to expect from their characters. Let's start with Brenton Thwaites as Robin:

Dick Grayson/Robin

Everybody knows Robin as Batman's first sidekick who fought by the Dark Knight's side, with the first Robin being none other than Dick Grayson. In Titans, Robin will be a violent, skilled, F-bomb dropping vigilante who has left Batman behind to pursue his own path. The early footage indicates that Robin and Batman didn't part well, and Brenton Thwaites talked how Dick and Bruce's relationship is teased throughout the first season:

What we see throughout the season are the reasons as to why he left. There's a little bit of backstory into what happened, which kind of informs the audience as to why Dick is feeling those ways, and that's why he's passionate about not going back to work for Batman. We see a character come into the show called Jason Todd who acts as Batman's current employee who's basically Robin's replacement. There we learn that Jason is currently doing things taught to him by Batman that Dick doesn't agree with, and are the direct reasons why he left Batman. We see a little bit of a 'this is who I was, this is what I am now.'

Batman won't be without a Robin just because Dick left Gotham behind, and Dick will be replaced by none other than Jason Todd. We've already seen that the two won't get along right away. While Titans may not open with all the information about why Dick left Batman, Brenton Thwaites states that more info will be revealed throughout the season. Since the show has already been renewed for other season, perhaps we can count on the backstory extending into Season 2 as well!

Brenton Thwaites also commented on the infamous "Fuck Batman" line from the first trailer and its significance to Dick in Titans:

When I first saw that line on screen, I thought 'what a success in telling the audience what the tone of our show would be.' It was smart of the producers and writers to do that. In two words, we tell people what our show is going to be, we own that were not telling the story of Batman, we're telling the story of Titans. From the very first episode, we see Robin/Dick Grayson trying to break away from fighting in the methods and ways that Batman has taught him, and trying to create a new identify where he's comfortable in fighting crime. As controversial as it is, because I know people want to see Batman, we all love Batman, this series is coming from a place where it's told a little bit later down the line where Batman is getting out of hand. He's doing things that we're kind of asking questions about. Just because it's Batman, does it mean it's right? Robin starts to ask those questions in the first episode.

The Titans creative team already talked about the tone of the show and how it relates to the violence, and it seems that Dick's story will be a significant part of that. Now, let's move on to what Anna Diop had to say about Starfire!

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